Health Checks


Child Development

Based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended schedule of screening and health assessments, we perform well-child exams to check and track the growth and development of your child. During well-child visits, the pediatrician will perform a thorough physical exam and check to ensure your child is meeting the normal developmental milestones. Children with specific medical conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, may need to be seen more frequently. In addition, we will discuss nutrition, sleep habits, school performance and any family issues or environmental issues that might cause concern.  Now is a good time to ask questions or voice concerns so that the appropriate care – such as tests, doctor referrals or counseling – can be scheduled.

Sometimes, we are able to perform these additional care services during your well-child visit, eliminating the need to arrange additional appointments.

Health Checks

As part of your health check, we will go over your child’s past health history, including surgical history and family history. Vital signs and measurements will be taken and noted on growth charts. Our pediatricians will also perform an age-appropriate complete physical exam.

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