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Mental Health Counseling Specialist

The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain

Pediatricians located in Stone Mountain, GA

Like you, your child experiences many emotions and moods, which may present as changes in behavior. While these behavioral changes can develop from many causes, if you’re struggling to understand your child’s mood, the experienced team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain includes two in-office counselors, who can provide answers to your questions and the help your child needs. To schedule a mental health counseling appointment, call the Stone Mountain, Georgia, office, or book online.

Counseling Q & A

What is mental health counseling?

Counseling refers to a specialized form of therapy that assists in improving how your child thinks, feels, and behaves. Counseling at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain is a collaborative process that includes you, your child, their pediatrician, and the counselor. 

What childhood conditions benefit from mental health counseling?

The team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain can evaluate your child for any behavioral concerns you may have. Some of the most common childhood behavioral conditions that benefit from mental health counseling include:


Anxiety is a mental health condition that causes extreme fear and worry. In children, anxiety may affect your child’s behavior, as well as appetite and mood. There are many different types of anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), which causes your child to worry incessantly all day about everything from homework to birthday parties.  


Depression is common in children and often passed off as normal emotional shifts they experience as they grow and develop. However, if your child is acting out, irritable, or withdrawing from social activities, then it may be depression.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a condition that affects behavior and attention and can make school difficult academically and socially. While adults can receive an ADHD diagnosis, the condition develops during childhood. The team also provides care for attention deficit disorder (ADD), which is a subtype of ADHD referred to as inattention. 

Adjustment disorders

Like you, your child may experience emotional turmoil after going through a stressful event. This is referred to as an adjustment disorder and may cause depression, anxiety, and behavioral changes.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder that causes your child to become obsessed with certain thoughts that lead to fear and anxiety that are relieved through compulsive acts.

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)

ODD is a behavioral disorder that generally occurs in children. Symptoms of ODD include defiance, lack of cooperation, and hostility towards others.

Your child’s behavior may be a symptom of an underlying mental or physical condition. The experienced team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain can provide the expert evaluation and care you and your child need for better health.

What can I expect during mental health counseling for my child?

The team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain conduct comprehensive evaluations when you come in for mental health counseling. The goal of the evaluation is to find the root cause of your child’s mood or behavior changes, so your child gets the most effective care.

Your child’s mental health is as important as their physical health. To help your child get the holistic care they need, call The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain or request an appointment online.