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Newborn Care Specialist

The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain

Pediatricians located in Stone Mountain, GA

Having a baby is a life-altering experience that can be very exciting and very nerve-wracking. To help ease your concerns, the experienced team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain offers newborn care to provide you with the education and tools you need to keep your new baby healthy. Call the Stone Mountain, Georgia, office or request an appointment online today to learn more.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care refers to the very specialized health care newborn babies need to monitor growth and development during an infant’s first year of life. When it comes to taking care of your newborn, starting care early ensures your baby gets what they need for good health. 

The team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain encourages you to come to the office prior to the birth of your baby. This gives you an opportunity to meet with and get to know the team and share any concerns you have about the baby that’s about to enter the world. 

What can I expect during newborn care?

After your baby is born, your pediatrician is as important to you and your baby’s health as your OB/GYN is to you during your pregnancy. The team recommends you call the office for your newborn’s first visit soon after birth, which you should schedule within the first few days of your newborn’s life. 

During this visit, the team conducts a physical and may provide immunizations. The team also spends a lot of time talking to you about feedings, diapers, and sleeping and provides information on what to expect and when to call the office.

Throughout the first year of your newborn’s life, the team schedules regular follow-ups for continued monitoring of growth and development. The frequency of newborn care visits depends on your child’s age and medical needs. 

The team also provides sick care visits for urgent and unexpected medical concerns that may arise. 

Why does a newborn need so many shots?

The last thing you want to do to your baby is inflict pain, which may have you concerned about the number of shots your newborn needs throughout their first year of life. While you provide your baby with some protection against infectious diseases, their immature immune system can’t fight off as many germs as you can. 

The immunization shots provided by the team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain strengthen your baby’s immune system and protect them from common infectious diseases. Depending on your newborn’s immunization needs, your baby may need a shot at every visit during their first year of life. The team reviews all the immunizations with you and why your baby needs them before administering.

To schedule your newborn care visit, with the experienced team at The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain, call or request an appointment online today.